What patients and loved ones say about Bumper “T” Caring Clowns.

“really made a difference?

“Being a visitor to my mother, it was wonderful to receive a visit from the hospital clowns!  It’s often difficult, while waiting to find out test outcomes.
This really made a difference in the room atmosphere.

“Thanks for taking the time to bring a smile and comfort to patients.”

L. Fantini

“make people’s hearts smile”

“To the people who make people hearts smile: Since my mom has seen the clowns, I see great changes in her attitude and the strength to fight the fight she has to.
Smiling even when it’s so hard to smile. I can never thank them for what they have given her and all of us.”

Linda J. Vigliano

“a beautiful way to give back”

“The best medicine is laughter. What a beautiful way to give back for all of life’s joys.”

Karen Legg

“tools of laughter”

“I was present when DR. PeeWee the Clown came into my husband’s room. She was great, and very personable and quick-witted.
We both enjoyed her visit and her little tools of laughter. Great idea. Keep up the good job.”

Joan Deola

“brightened my day”

“I really enjoyed the clowns who visited me while I was at the cancer center. I was feeling blue and they brightened my day!”

Florence A. O’Leary

What Hospital Executives and Administrators Say

“amazing individuals”

“These amazing individuals give their time and their energies to supply a little humor to those who need it.
Our patients have remarked that just seeing these clowns makes them smile in a time when smiles can be hard to come by.”

Rosemarie Tucci, RN, MSN, AOCN
Main Line Health Community
Clinical Oncology Program

“the essence of the human spirit”

“The Caring Clowns represent the essence of the human spirit. Their magic envelops those they encounter with caring, embracing hugs, and warm smiles.
They add a dimension of humor but?more importantly?they bring support, encouragement, and a message of hope.”

Laurie Watson, RN, MSN
Director of Volunteer Services/Coordinator of Patient Advocacy
Lankenau Hospital

“my pleasure to recommend”

“[Bumper “T” Clowns] have been clowning around at Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center, cheering both the pediatric and adult patients alike.
They are experts at medical clowning. I routinely send them in to cheer up some of my patients when they are in the hospital.
I have always gotten favorable reviews from the patients about how much they appreciate the visit from the clowns.”

Lawrence J. Gessman, MD
Director, Electrophysiology
University Cardiology
The Cooper Health System

“they lift the spirits of our patients,”

“Jefferson Hospital Center City Campus is fortunate to Caring Clown volunteers who donate hundreds of hours of service to our hospital each year. Not only do they lift the spirits of our patients, but family members, visitors, and staff as well. Whenever I am conducting an orientation with new volunteers and one of the Caring Clowns comes in to our office to start their shift, I always ask them to share with the group about their work. I think it is important for the new candidates to hear about what they do and the impact they have on the Jefferson community.”

Tom Wallin
Supervisor, Volunteer Services
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Center City Campus

“amazing positive impact”

“Here at the Medical University of South Carolina we have seen the amazing positive impact the Bumper “T” Caring Hospital Clowns program makes on our patients? hospital experience. From the young and old alike everyone loves a visit from our BTCC clowns. They light up the hallways and the patients? rooms with their caring presence. The joy they bring the staff is like no other during what can be a difficult day. They arrive with their smiles, stickers and goodie bags full of magic and tricks! We love having the Bumper “T” Caring Hospital Clowns as part of our program at MUSC. “

Kelly Hedges, Program Manager
Volunteer Services
Medical University of South Carolina

“the joy and levity they bring”

“Bumper ‘T’ Caring Clowns bring smiles and comfort wherever they go in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Their friendly painted faces and playfully decorated scrubs and lab coats are an unexpected delight for patients and staff. The joy and levity they bring completely changes the atmosphere of the hospital. But humor and laughter are only one part of what they offer. Their smiles and jokes can lead down a path to a deeper interaction with patients and families. Once you know someone cares enough to make you smile, you know they care enough to listen to you. We are lucky to have them ‘clown around’ with our patients and staff. “

David Cribb
Director, Volunteer & Video Services
(HUP) Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania