You too can be a hospital clown!

Bumper “T” Caring Hospital Clowns are caring people who love people and who want to give back to their communities. When you put on your bright red nose, you experience an incredible “high” that can’t be quantified. You smile right back at yourself and are immediately primed to make your “merry-go rounds”. Our Red Noses are the passports to the hearts of patients, their families, caregivers and medical professionals. As an unexpected surprising presence, our caring hospital clowns achieve a wonderful and immediate response from patients and their families’ laughter. We provide an escape from the clinical and bring magic moments when smiles can be hard to come by.

All it takes to be a Bumper “T” Caring Clown, is the ability to talk to strangers, be encouraging to patients and their families, be a good listener, use humor – corny jokes are our specialty – and maybe even do a magic trick! You can make people feel extra special by giving them a smiley sticker and a red nose. You will dress up as a doctor or nurse in scrubs and a lab coat to go on your “merry-go-rounds”.  You will shadow an experienced clown and learn the appropriate “do’s and don’ts”.  All it takes is a desire to make a difference to people in a time of need. Please fill out the email on the contact page and we will reach out to you.